i find this video inspirational not because i wish i could sing or play guitar like him someday…but because his love for jesus is so evident…just watch it and you’ll see wat im talking bout…when a love like that takes over and consumes you its amzing what it can produce…one day i hope i can do the same with words


Neon Night Surfing

Too bad I can’t surf, I would go straight to doing this.

Surfing during the day is so mainstream.

First we have fireworks during the day, and now surfing at night? Talk about flipping the world on its head. 

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in other news…

KEVIN PEARCE announced on december 8 that he will finally be getting back on his snowboard after attemtping a double cork(?)- a trick innovated by  none other than shaun white himself- and then suffering from a severe traumatic brain injury….all i can say is boy that kid is one hella INSPIRATION!

Billabong Pipeline Masters-Highlights continued…

STUDYING for exams, doesnt mean i dont have time to catch up on some of the highlights from the pipeline masters…or more like all i have time for now is to copy and paste this link…but still legit shit right there again…know i always keep saying that but anyways here it is for all you busy studious students…ha yea right

its that time of year again…ASP SURF SEASON!

Yep. Its the only season of the year that matters-the ASP surf season. And theres not much to say except that first of all im a huge fan of CJ Hobgood, Kelly Slater- of course its kinda hard not to be flabbergasted watching any of his performances….but then ha theres this grom out there by the name of John John Florence…maybe its the hair or maybe its his amazing child prodigy like ability…can you say jelly much. Geesh can anyone else watch him and not feel like they could conquer the pipeline…nope guess its just me except i wont be trying any of these pipelines any time soon…thanks to my amazing skills…on my massive board!

writing just to write

theres been so much going on in my life…that sometimes i get these surges of powerful emotions, and this desire to write it all down, and this belief that it can all be written down. but these are also the moments when i am least able to write them down.

I still feel so alone most of the days and its not because i am alone, its because i hold all of these emotions inside of me now, my soul is desperately seeking to be understand but a large part of me no longer believes in humanity’s ability to understand me. Its not to say that i am conceited or feel like i am the only one feeling this way, i just never feel like i can find the right time to express myself with my good friends, lately it just seems so burdensome to people, so i refrain. but i question how long i can last like this? it makes me miss hunter occassionally but the past is the past, somedays i dont even think to utter his name anymore, but other days i think of unburying the past. I miss him a lot with all my heart, but i will admit this because he was the closest i let anyone in.

This guy on my soccer team told me that being open is more than just being open- its all about your posture- you have to stand open, your chest your arms your entire being has to stand open- but i am not right now. Lately people have been annoying me sara especially and this girl michelle at my work, but i know is just cuz too much is building up inside of me. WHen god will i find that person again who can completely understand or better yet when will i be healed enough to let someone again? why so shy now? its not even like i got hurt that badly last year- and theta alpha is like this distant opportunity. maybe i should model lauren more and more and question if i really am getting anything out of theta alpha or am i just doing it hoping that it will fulfill what ive always wanted to be apart of? SHouldi be more decisive like luaren or should i follow what ive always done and just follow through endlessly? is lauren able to make these decisions because she is guided by You or is she just going in it alone like me following her own gut feelings?

if only i could do this to my dorm wall…

if only i could do this to my dorm wall…

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if this isnt the definition of grace…then i dont know what is

PS I know the music sucks…but thats not the totally important part right?